Tibetan Lifestyle

Travelers to Tibet have lots of questions about the lifestyle, people, religion, and culture that they encounter. What are the colourful flags for? Are there any common festivals? What makes Tibetan Buddhism unique? What are the ingredients in yak butter tea? Whatever your questions – whether you are preparing for your first trip to Tibet, or just want to know more about this remarkable culture – you’ll find answers to many of your questions here.

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Yak Butter Tea

A cup of yak butter tea.

Probably the most quintessential Tibetan food. Visitors to Tibet either love it or hate it. One thing must be known about Yak Butter Tea (འོ་ཇ། ), however: If you’ve been to 10 different places in Tibet, you have likely had 10 different varieties. Some varieties use slightly rancid butter to make the tea (not by culinary selection, but by lack …