Tibet Travel FAQs

This feature on our site will be an ongoing source of the most practical know-how related to Tibet travel. We will cover topics such as travel permits, transportation, tours, guides, safety, etc. Other practical articles inspired by questions from travelers will also populate this category over time.


Tibet Travel Information

Are there any Taboos for travelers in Tibet? While much grace is given by Tibetan hosts to foreigners to not have to totally fit in, there are a few big no-no’s to try to avoid while traveling in Tibet. Don’t step on religious objects or prayer flags. When entering a …


Tibet Travel Permit

Tibet Travel Permit

1. What is a Tibet Travel Permit?   Firstly, a Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is NOT a visa or any other kind of stamp that goes in your passport. It is a completely separate document that is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau. It has two pages: the first page …