A Re’s Restaurant

A Re is the name of a very well known chain of restaurants in Chengdu, but also that of the business owner. The namesake herself was born in a very alluring and remote Tibetan valley, Danba, in the Kham Tibetan Region.

A Re didn’t get the chance to attend school to get an education when she was a child, so she came to Chengdu 16 years ago to look for service-oriented jobs. This was her first time visiting Chengdu, and she was surprised to learn that there were no Tibetan restaurants in the area at the time. As a result, she came up with the idea of opening a restaurant in Chengdu, and introducing Tibetan food culture to the city through her restaurant. Fortunately for her, her brother supported her idea and was able to help her, so, A Re opened the first Tibetan restaurant in Chengdu.

A Re dish

Looking to have some traditional Tibetan food? A Re’s Restaurant has made sure you will find a wide variety of foods to try, from meat to vegetarian options.

Now, A Re runs 5 restaurants in Chengdu, two of which are solely vegetarian. She believes that eating healthy food is very critical to the well being of people, so she is continually looking to offer healthier food to her customers. While here, try the Tibetan style hotpot, noodles, or “pizza”.

The restaurant has provided a lot of job opportunities to Tibetans, and now employs over 70 staff. Of the employees, 90% of them are Tibetans.

A Re delicious food options

A Re makes sure that all food is healthy and organic for her customers. She believes this is essential for the well being of all people.

A Re regrets that she couldn’t go to school, so she encourages young Tibetans to get education, and to use their education and skills to help their community. She has been providing training to people who are interested in working as restaurant mangers or chefs. So far, A Re has cultivated about 40 Tibetan restaurants managers and more than 100 Tibetan chefs in just the past few years alone.

Contact Info (for the original restaurant):


#234 WuHouCi Street (Near Jin Li Street)

P: 028-80836677 / 028-85570877

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