Bai Ma Mei Duo Restaurant and Hostel

Entrance to Bai Ma Mei Duo Restaurant and Hostel

The town of Langmu Si is well-known for its monasteries and beautiful landscape. You will not only enjoy the fascinating monasteries and Langmu canyon, but also the delicious local food. What better way to complete a local cultural experience than to enjoy the food and local hospitality?  We are happy to recommend you a local owned restaurant and hostel called ” Bai Ma Mei Duo Restaurant and Hostel “.

Panma Tso is a local entrepreneur who was born and raised in the area. In 2008, she was working as a tour guide in the Langmu town where she gained great customer service experience. Her work taught her what a lot of travelers are looking for, and also showed her a few business opportunities in the Langmu town. So in 2012 Panma opened two shops where she sells Tibetan products such as jewelry and other hand crafted products. Here she learnt valuable business skills by running the two shops, so in May 2015, the entrepreneur in her kicked in again, so she tried yet another venture. This time she opened a hostel with a restaurant attached to it. Ensuring Panma Tso quite literally has the ability to feed, clothe, and shelter travelers passing through Langmu.

Inside of the Bai Ma Mei Do's restaurant

You can enjoy a nice meal and a pleasant stay at Bai Ma Mei Duo restaurant and hostel.

You will find the cozy and welcoming Bai Ma Mei Duo restaurant and hostel if you head along the left hand side of main street in the direction of the monasteries. For the menu items, the food doesn’t have any English translations, but each has a picture attached, while the drinks are listed in English. Their main food is local Tibetan food, but they also have some of the typical Western and Chinese foods (fries, pizza, and Chinese fried rice). Local Tibetan hot pot and momos (dumpling) are popular if you want to try Tibetan food. They have Tibetan drinks, such as, local wine, butter tea, and milk tea. They also have Chinese tea, juices, beer, and coffee. (We tried the lemon tea, and it was lovely!)

We met a few Western visitors at the Bai Ma Mei Duo restaurant, so we quickly made friends to ask them about the food. They readily agreed that this restaurant is the place to go if you are looking for good Tibetan food, or (if you are at that point in your journey) a little western style home cooking!

There are 7 rooms in the Bai Ma Mei Duo hostel. Three of these are single rooms and four of them are doubles with private shower houses and wifi also being available. The hostel is comfortable and clean.

The staff at both the restaurant and the hostel are friendly, ready to help you as they can. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and they will do their best to help you, even though most of them only speak a little English. Most of her staff are Tibetan, we know that Panma is having a direct impact on the Tibetan economy!

A corner of the Bai Ma Mei Do Resaurant

A nice corner of the Bai Ma Mei Duo restaurant

In the future, Panma Tso is planning to open an outdoor club, Tibetan style restaurant, and hotel in her hometown located one and half hour drive from Langmu town. We are proud of her business skills and creativity, and we wish her the best as she continues her ventures in the future.

If you are visiting Langmu, we recommend you stay and eat at Pema’s hostel and restaurant, where your visit will continue to support her ability to contribute the community and her dreams.

Contact Info:

Address: Next to the RCC (rural credit cooperative) Langmusi Town.

Phone: 17794109939

地址: 郎木寺镇甘肃农村信用社旁边

电话: 17794109939


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