De Le Tibetan Restaurant

entrance to De Le Tibetan Restaurant

There is a beautiful Rgyal Rong Tibetan town on the way to Maerkang Town, named Zhuo Ke Ji town. Zhuo Ke Ji is well-known place because the Zhuo Ke Ji Tusi Official Manor (a chieftain house) and the Xisuo Tibetan villages are located there. The town is just across from the Tibetan village, with easy access via the bridge connecting the village and town. It is a small but very nice town, and when looking for a meal, you can find Chinese, Muslim, and Tibetan food. As you are travelling through Tibet, take this opportunity to try the local Tibetan food. If you choose to go this route, alongside the river you can find the De Le Tibetan Restaurant. It’s easy to recognize the restaurant with the prayer flags strung between the restaurant and river.

When entering De Le’s you will be warmly welcomed by the restaurant’s owners. The restaurant has two stories and is decorated with wooden furnishings. It is simple, but well organized, and internet is available and very fast in the restaurant. They also have a few tables outside if you want to enjoy your meal beside the river with a view of the mountains.

The De Le Tibetan Restaurant is run by three Tibetan siblings, Wangxi Mutso, Luoyi Jia, and Tsering Lhamo. Coming from a local Tibetan village, they opened the restaurant in May of 2014. All of them went to vocational schools and majored in hotel management and accounting, but they decided to start a restaurant with their education and skills instead.

Inside of De Le Tibetan Restaurant

The De Le Tibetan Restaurant is a colorful place to enjoy a meal.

They started the business because more and more tourists are coming to their hometown to visit Zhuo Ke Ji Tusi Official Manor and the Xisuo Tibetan village, but there was not a single Tibetan restaurant in the town. So they took the opportunity, and decided to let visitors taste local Tibetan food. The local pork, corn bread, local vegetables, yak meat, momos (dumplings), and noodles with local sour vegetables are their most popular dishes. For drinks, their butter tea with walnut is popular.

While the owners don’t speak English, they are happy to provide travellers with the best local food. If you find yourself travelling through Zhuo Ke Ji town, stop by the De Le Tibetan Restaurant for a meal, and a quaint slice of Tibetan hospitality.

You also can enjoy your meal outside of the restaurant

Guests can also enjoy their meal outside of the restaurant beneath the prayer flags leading to the entrance.

Contact Info:

Address: Zhuo Ke Ji Town, Commercial Town, Dele Tibetan Restaurant. (Walk along the river and look for the prayer flags leading to the door.)

Phone: 18990444272

地址: 马尔康县卓克基镇商业街德勒藏餐。

电话: 18990444272


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