Hua Hai Hotel

Entrance to Hua Hai Hotel

Hong Yuan is a very good place for travelers to explore the Tibetan nomadic life. When staying in the area there are a few tent hotels available but this option often means a private shower is not possible. However, if you are looking for a nice and comfortable bed with a private shower and pretty good internet, we are happy to recommend you Hua Hai hotel. The hotel itself is about what you would expect in your average hotel, but we appreciate the young entrepreneurial spirit of the ownership.

The hotel is located just off of Hong Yuan’s main road, meaning it is not one of the most visible places to stay in town. Still, it is a wonderfully quiet street, and conveniently located close to the grasslands. We also like that the price is reasonable for guests, and with 24 double rooms in the hotel, there should be plenty of space for you and your traveling companions. If you are traveling with a vehicle or bike, guests are also able to park these inside the hotel’s gates each night for a little added security.

Inside of the Hua Hai Hotel

Inside of the Hua Hai Hotel

Founded in May of 2016 by a young local Tibetan guy named Lengzhou, Hua Hai Hotel is his first crack at the entrepreneurial can. Lengzhou has been volunteering for an organization since he graduated from college where he is mainly in charge of sponsoring local low-income students and taking care of vulnerable seniors. Lengzhou enjoyed his work but at the same time he was hungry to become an entrepreneur. He opened the hotel with his family’s support, and while currently there are only 2 employees now, he is hoping to hire more local staff in the future.

Lengzhou also said that he would like to build another hotel with Tibetan style and decoration after he has gained some experience running and managing the Hua Hai Hotel. We wish him success in his entrepreneurship journey that he may help more local people and the travelers who find their way in his front door!

Front desk of Hua Hai Hotel

Front desk of Hua Hai Hotel


Contact Info:

Address: East of Gangre street of Qiongxi town, Hongyuan county town.

Phone: 18227711633

地址: 四川省红原县邛溪镇岗热街东侧

电话: 18227711633


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