Norden Camp, Glamping in Amdo Tibet

Norden Camp Amdo Tibet

Glamping Is a Thing

Glamping is a new word to the Oxford English Dictionary (as of 2016). Formed by the combination of the two words glamorous and camping, it describes a new breed of camping experience that blends the simplicity and back-to-earth elements of camping with all of the services, food and comfort more traditionally associated with 5-star luxury resorts. Norden Camp in the Amdo regions of Eastern Tibet is one of the places pioneering glamping in China. Norden Camp is a wonderful nomadic-styled, luxury glamping camp run by Norden Travel. It is located 20 minutes from the historic Tibetan city of Labrang (Xiahe in Chinese) in Eastern Tibet. Labrang is home to Labrang Monastery, one of the six great monasteries of the Gelug school of Tibetan Buddhism. Norden Camp is nestled in the strikingly beautiful, rolling Sangke Grasslands, next to a small river that runs around the perimeter of the camp. Waking up to the gurgling sounds of the river and birds singing is a delight to your ears. Norden Camp is situated at 3200 meters in the heart of Amdo grasslands. It is open for 6 months from May to October, during the most beautiful season on the Tibet plateau.

The Founders

A friendly and capable nomad in Labrang, Amdo Tibet named Yidam is passionate about his community. He and his wife Dechen are model Tibetan entrepreneurs. In 2007, they started Norlha Textiles, which has become a thriving wool textile company creating beautiful clothing and accessories. They employ only Tibetan nomads and use sustainable business practices that support and enrich their communities. Years later, they started Norden Travel to show their beautiful land and culture to the world. With his hard work and family support, Yidam opened Nordam Camp in 2014. This peaceful and extravagant camp helps visitors experience the richness of Tibetan culture. It is a proud example of the Tibetan people’s respect for their community and their environment.

Stylish Accommodations

The accommodations at this camp are a variety of 2-person authentic yak wool nomad tents, a family yak wool tent, and log cabins. The 2-person nomad tents feature comfortable twin beds laden with sumptuous Norlha yak wool blankets and pillows, a cheery wood stove, wash basin and tea pot—all filled and fired up each evening and morning by the gracious Norden camp staff. Each tent has its own private compost toilet nearby. The bathhouse has 6 private, hot shower rooms. Lodging there includes all meals—breakfast, lunch and dinner. The resident chefs have all been trained in Western food preparation. The food is an exceptional mix of Tibetan and European cuisine, using all local, fresh ingredients and beautifully presented.

You will find out the most stunning and innocent smile from their staff at the camp. They are so friendly and helpful. Most of the staff are from local nomad villages. For them, camp is not only place for working, but also for learning skills, such as, cooking, English, Chinese and mixology. In the evening, staff will perform Tibetan dance and songs around the camp for their guests.

Norden Camp will be happy to help you arrange activities if you want to explore the area. You can visit the monastery, nomad families, Norlha Textiles or try your skill at Tibetan horse riding, bike riding and hiking. There is also a very nice gift shop of Norlha products next to the reception room. Buy some yak hair souvenirs for you and your friends. Norden Camp is a must-stay place if you are going to Amdo Tibetan region. Visit their site here:

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