Wrangler Hotel

Wrangler Hotel

In Ruoergai County Town, you will find the Wrangler Hotel. As a local nomadic family runs the hotel, the managers – Dorjie and Gengden – are both family. Both brothers are friendly people who are very passionate about social entrepreneurship. They have been helping a lot of local people make their livelihood as they currently have more than 30 employees. Previously, Duojie was fortunate to receive a little bit of training on ecotourism and social entrepreneurship in United States. The training helped him to reshape business in such a way that he provides jobs and training to his staff to raise the quality of Wrangler Hotel in a responsible and sustainable way.

The hotel was opened in April 2015. The family built the hotel because tourism is developing very fast in Ruoergai, and both domestic and international tourists visit the beautiful grasslands to get a glimpse into nomadic life. As a result of this surge in tourism, the hotel wants to provide a nice and comfortable place for visitors to stay. There are single rooms and double rooms each with nice bathrooms attached and complete with wonderful showers and western toilets. The rooms are very clean and the beds are very comfortable, with each of the rooms having their own wifi.

Inside of Wrangler Hotel

Inside of Wrangler Hotel

You will find a cozy teahouse located on both the 4th and 5th floors of the hotel. The 4th floor teahouse is classical in style and it has a mix of decorations common to both Chinese and Tibetan style teahouses. If you have never gone to tea ceremony, it’s worthwhile to take the time to visit while you are here. The tea table is very nice and you have the option of either making your own tea, or for the authentic experience, the waiters will make it for you if you wish. There are different kinds of Chinese tea available, and while you sip some oolong or green tea, the soft background music is designed to calm and relax you. If you are looking for something a little stronger instead, wines and beer are also available at this teahouse.

The second teahouse on the 5th floor is decorated as a garden style teahouse. There are many plants, and the height gives you a nice view of Ruoergai town. If you are a little more budget conscious, the tea on this floor is a slightly cheaper than the 4th floor teahouse, although the selection is not quite as wide. If you get hungry, either tea house provides a range of Chinese dishes for you to choose from.

Wrangler Hotel's Tea House

Wrangler Hotel’s Tea House

If you find yourself visiting Ruoergai County Town in the Aba Prefecture, mosey on over to the Wrangler Hotel for a little shut eye or to enjoy a nice cup of tea.


Contact Info:

Address: Chunxi Road, Ruoergai Town, Aba Prefecture.

Phone: 0837-8966789


电话: 0837-8966789

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