Xiangxiong Guesthouse

Entrance to Xiangxiong Guesthouse

Songpan ancient town is the best place to learn and explore local history and culture in the entire county town. As the Ancient Town was first built in the Ming Dynasty, the old city walls and the building architecture still maintains charm from this period. Today visitors will find many small shops, restaurants, teahouses, and guesthouses in the area, giving it a very quaint feel perfect for a casual stroll or a little shopping. You will also notice that there are three visible people groups in Songpan: Han Chinese, Muslim, and the local Tibetan people. If you are looking to stay in the midst of the beautiful old Songpan, we are happy to recommend the Tibetan owned Xiangxiong Guesthouse  where you will be cared for by locals, and where your business is supporting a very hardworking entrepreneur.

Xiangxiong Guesthouse is located in the old town, which is close to the North gate. Only 2-3 minutes walk from the gate and easy to find, the location of the guesthouse is very good as it is situated on one of the quiet side streets of old Songpan.

A very capable Tibetan lady – Aheng Tso – founded the guesthouse in October of 2015. She used to run another hotel in Chuanzhusi, which is approximately 20 minutes drive from Songpan county town. This hotel did good business during the busy tour seasons. However, the hotel didn’t have any Tibetan flavor and she also had to close the hotel each year for a few months of the winter as there are not tourists during that period. So instead, she decided to build a Tibetan style guesthouse in Songpan. Her guesthouse is popular among local Tibetans, with her often receiving good feedback from her Tibetan customers that they like the Tibetan decorations and flavor. (If the locals themselves like it, you know it’s good!)

Xiangxiong guesthouse room

Room with two beds at Xiangxiong guesthouse

You can ask the staff if you need any information on the town. While they are not the most fluent English speakers, they will readily try understand what you are asking for and to provide the information you that might helpful to you.

Xiangxioang guesthouse is the most unique and beautiful guesthouse in the town. With all the Tibetan wooden furniture, decorations, and other aspects of the colourful culture on display, this hotel is lovely and filled with unique aspects. The hotel has three floors. The first floor is used as a lobby and has a small shop attached to it, a tea room, and a breakfast area. The hotel provides both Chinese and Tibetan style breakfast. The Chinese breakfast includes porridge, eggs, steamed bread, and a few other dishes, while the Tibetan breakfast includes tsampa (barley), butter, dried yak cheese, and yak milk. The second and third floors are guestrooms which contain a total of 36 rooms, each with a nice bathroom attached. Of these rooms, 21 are double rooms, while 15 of them are single bedrooms. All of the rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable.

Xiangxiong guesthouse's tea house

You also can enjoy at Xiangxiong guesthouse

So far, most of her costumers are Tibetans and Chinese, but she hopes more westerners will visit her hometown and enjoy staying at her beautiful Tibetan guesthouse. If you are looking for a hotel in Songpan, you needn’t look far as Xiangxiong Guesthouse was one of our highlights when staying in Songpan!

Contact Info:

Address: 2-3 minutes walk from North gate if the ancient town, Songpan county town.

Phone: 18782171308

地址: 松潘县顺城北街12号象雄客栈

电话: 18782171308


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  1. Hello,

    we are a familly of 4 and would like to know whether you have 2 bedrooms with private bathroom available from 3rd august to 6 august (3 nights). One bedroom with a queensize bed and the other bedroom with two single beds. If so, what would be the price including breakfast? Thank you in advance.

    Best regards

    Elizabeth Moyal

    1. Hi Elizabeth,
      I just checked with the hotel.Rooms are available during August 3rd – 6th. It cost 280RMB per room/ Per day and it includes breakfast. Please let me know if you want me to book. I am happy to help you to book. You also can call them and book. Hotel’s phone:18782171308.

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