Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel

Entrance to Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel

“Xisuo Local Residence” is a small Rgyal rong Tibetan village located in a Zhuokeji in Maerkang. The village was built in the middle of the Qing dynasty, and even today maintains the architecture of these early settlers. On the outside the village houses are made of stone, making it look like an ancient castle town set on the hill. There are approximately 72 local Tibetan families, and they rely primarily on farming. The village is one of several villages that was ruled by the Zhuokeji Chieftain, and the village is only a five-minute walk to the Zhuokeji Tsui Official Manor. This is a gorgeous place to explore and learn local history, culture, and architecture. Located in this village, travelers can find a welcoming and cozy local hostel called ” Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel “.

While almost every family in the village receives visitors today, Luyekang (a local farmer), was the first person to open a hostel in the village. Together, Luyekang and his wife have been running the Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel since 2002. Both of them are about 70 years old, and they are very friendly, kind, and they treat their guests as their family members. While neither of them speak English, they use their sign language to communicate with their guests, which means there is always a warm smile to be had. Their hostel was the first place in the village that had permission to receive foreign guests. Most of their foreign guests are introduced by the local tourism bureau because they provide such good services. If you stay here, you will quickly understand why the government favors them with business.

Entrance to Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel.

Entrance to Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel


Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel is very easy to find. The hostel is the first house across the prayer wheel bridge, on the right corner of the alley. A Tibetan grandpa and grandma will welcome you and be ready to take you to your room.

The hostel has three floors. The first floor is the kitchen, the second floor is for both family and guests, and the third floor is more guestrooms. There are about 24 rooms in total, and the hostel is very clean and nicely decorated. Most of the house is made of wooden walls and furniture, and the mural in the second floor lounge definitely deserves a second look! The hostel has two shower rooms on the third floor, and hot water and internet are available. While they don’t offer food in the hostel, you can easily find a place to eat in the village. (However, if you visit the hostel in the fall, you can buy fresh walnuts from your hosts!)

Inside of the Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel.

Inside of the Zhuan Jing Bridge Hostel

The local Buddhist temple is next to Zhuan Jing Hostel, so if you want to visit the temple or walk a kora, this is very convenient. It is also fascinating to walk around the village to take photos and enjoy Rgyal rong architecture.

If you are exploring the area, we highly recommend you stay with this lovely older couple at the hostel just across the prayer wheel bridge.

Contact Info:

Address: Right side of the Prayer Bridge, Xisuo Tibetan village, Zhuokeji Township.

Phone: 0837-2829162

地址: 马尔康卓克基乡西索居民转经桥右边第一家。



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