Bala Clothing Store

Wandering into Bala Clothing Store, one will find exquisite garments in traditional Tibetan style designed by Deqing who is from a small village in the Kham Minya Region. She received her bachelor’s degree at Northwest University for Nationalities where she majored in English.  After she graduated from college, Deqing worked in a NGO where she was in charge of program sponsorship. Through this NGO, Deqing helped many students with their tuition, ensuring students could go on to further their education. Later on, she started her first small business.

Deqing opened a bar in the town of Kangding with her husband. It wasn’t all smooth sailing for their business though, as they faced several challenges over time. Deqing’s business went through periods where it had its ups and downs, to the point where money was in short supply. While Deqing’s bar is no longer in operation, she didn’t give up on her dream of being an entrepreneur.

Bala Clothing Store Entrance

Enterance to the Bala Clothing store

Deqing is very passionate about Tibetan culture, and she enjoys designing clothing. So as one with a true entrepreneurial spirit, Deqing started again. This time though, she opened a clothing shop.

At the beginning Bala Clothing Shop was a small, but through hard work and persistence, Deqing has expanded it to a shop of quite a notable size.

Deqing is a very active entrepreneur. She attends a lot of different workshops to study and share her experience of running small businesses. She is also active in charity, and continues to find ways to help Tibetan students with their tuition.

If you are stopping in Kangding, pay a visit to Bala store, to marvel at the traditional Tibetan dresses and clothing that she has designed. Who knows? Maybe you will look good in it, and find yourself going home with a beautiful, locally designed, traditional dress, or unique piece of jewelry.

Inside of Bala Clothing Store

Some of the merchandise sold at Bala Clothing

Contact Info:


电话: 13320796088

Address: Guangming Road, Kangding City Town, Ganzi Prefecture.

Phone: 13320796088

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