Bollywood Restaurant

Tucked away in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan, is the Bollywood Restaurant. Run by a local Tibetan named Wanjia, you will find this bustling eatery with a colorful flare serving up Indian rice bowls and nam bread. Yet don’t be fooled, as some of these dishes, while authentic to Indian flavor, can’t help but mix in a little Tibetan culture – can you say yak meat, anyone?

Wangjia is from the Yushu area, in the Kham region, with his hometown being the lowest altitude place in all of Yushu.

Wangjia received his education in China, and he speaks fluent Tibetan, Chinese, and English. He is a very outgoing, and knowledgeable Tibetan man. He realized there were some Indian restaurants in Chengdu, but most of them are far away from the Tibetan area of the city. With the Tibetan connection to Indian spiritually, he wanted one closer. The market research he undertook indicated that the Tibetan area of the city could support an Indian restaurant.

Bollywood Resturant interior

Various seating options allow any number of parties to come and try the Indian/Tibetan food

The Bollywood Restaurant is decorated in blend of Tibetan and Indian style. The restaurant invites guests to host parties in their space for up to 100 people, and there is a meeting room that can hold 20 people. There are 12 staff at the restaurant – all of them are young and enthusiastic Tibetans, two of which are family members, and all of them speak Tibetan, Chinese, and English. Most of their ingredients are imported from India because Wangjia wants to ensure both the quality, and that the food reflects true Indian cuisine.

Bollywood Resturant workforce

Extravagant employees showing off some beautiful clothing

The Bollywood Restaurant has two unique products to try while you are there. One is Beef (Yak) Curry, which is one of the Tibetan/Indian fusion dishes that travelers must try. The other is Butter Nam, which is baked in a Tandoor stove using a very hot and fast cooking process.

Wangjia hopes that he can train more Tibetan chefs in the future. He also wants to expand his business to a chain of restaurants either in Chengdu, or to include other major cities. This expansion would hopefully require the training of even more Tibetan chefs in the future!

Contact Info:

地址:成都市武侯区高升桥北街成都A区高华二街69号【宝莱坞印度西餐厅】联系人: 义西求加

电话:15680755882 座机:028-85586914

Address: #69 Gaohua Second Street, First Ring Road, Wuhou District

P: 18782916774 (English speaker )

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Jean-Luc.
    I have been few times in Yushu and I in Bollywood restaurant in Yushu.
    I would like to know if the Bollywood restaurant is Yushu is also running by Mr Wanjia.
    Best regards and thanks in advance.

    NB. I don’t know if you can answer to me, because VPN is needing.

    1. Hi Jean,
      I interviewed Wangjia last summer and he showed me his Bollywood restaurant in Yushu via phone. Yes, It’s running by Mr.Wangjia. But he has some business partners.
      Best Regards,

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