Central Tibet Businesses of Excellence

Tibetan Business Highlights is part of the heartbeat of Tibetpedia. It is a platform to promote Central Tibet businesses of excellence that continue seeking to improve their services. We aim to not only help raise awareness of these businesses, but also to lend credibility to the businesses profiled here so that foreign travellers will experience the best of Tibetan hospitality.

As this feature of Tibetpedia develops, we hope to have a broad range of services represented throughout Central Tibet: guesthouses, homestays, restaurants, guiding services, drivers, horse trekking operators, etc. If you are interested in writing a review and recommending we consider a Tibetan business that you have experienced, please write to us and tell us about the virtues of the business you would like to highlight!


Gesar Hotel

Shigatse is a place you don’t want to miss if you travel to Tibet. As the second largest city in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), Shigatse is full of fascinating history and local culture. Shigatse is a modernized city where travelers can find many spots to enjoy the hospitality of the …


Tibetan Family Kitchen

Tibetan Family Kitchen Dining Area

Tibetan Family Kitchen was founded by a young and enthusiastic Tibetan couple in 2013.  Namdon and Lumbum used to be guides in Lhasa but unfortunately in 2012 there were no tour groups in Lhasa, and so they became jobless. With the help and encouragement of Namdom’s sister, they decided to …

Sonam International Youth Hostel

Sonam Hostel

Sonam International Youth Hostel was founded by a capable Tibetan lady, Nizhen, in 2008.  As a result of the train to Lhasa opening in 2006, the tourism in the area developed greatly. As Nizhen had a few years of experience in running a hostel in mainland, China, she decided to …

Metok Karpo Restaurant

Metok Karpo Owner

Metok Karpo is a gem of a restaurant located near Barkor in central Lhasa. Though it is hidden away in a narrow alley beside the Snowlands restaurant, it is well worth the effort to track it down. The low doorway is on your right hand side if you are walking …

Po Ba Tsang Restaurant

Employees of Po Ba Tsang

Located in Lhasa, the Po Ba Tsang Restaurant is serving guests more than just food, and they are proving that being at the roof of the world is a rewarding, yet challenging task. Guests to Lhasa are continually amazed by the local historical and cultural sites, and they are often …