Charu’s Coworking Space

If you make your way to the 16th floor of a seemingly unspectacular office building, you will discover a unique space that appears to be a cafe, but doubles as a shared coworking space for those looking to escape the office. Filled with books and artwork, an extrovert might find themselves a stimulating conversation to join, while and introvert may prefer losing themselves in one of the many books.

Charu Coworking Space was started in Chengdu by two energetic and positive Tibetan guys – Tsering Tashi and Tsehua. They have been friends for a few years now, and both of them have a similar passion for providing people opportunities to study, train, and exchange ideas.

Charu Interior look

With a western feel to it, Charu offers a home away from home for foreigners looking to escape Chengdu for awhile.

At the end of 2012, they founded a club called Norzang. The idea behind Norzang was to form a reading club or association for Tibetan entrepreneurs in all sectors and walks of life in order to encourage them to learn better, read more, and exchange even more ideas.

Tsering Tashi and Tsehua found that participants in Norzang needed space and opportunities to learn and exchange effectively in the group, so as a result, they had to think of a way to solve the problem for Norzang. With this motivation, Charu was born in 2015.

Charu is all about links. The name itself has a Tibetan meaning, coming from the word for the toggle that is used to connect all the parts of a black yak hair tent together. Tucked away on the 16th floor, Charu is not your ordinary coffee shop,  it is a shared work space and a service centre for entrepreneurs. But you can enjoy the best Tibetan yak milk coffee or yogurt in town. Charu’s unique design combining traditional Tibetan and modern elements provides a friendly and warm space for those who are looking for a peaceful place to work, a different environment, a place to share, exchange, read, and learn. Charu’s is a place where you feel great about who you are and what you are doing, and a place where you feel welcome.

Charu window view

Beautiful view outside the window allows a glimpse at the massive city.

If you find yourself travelling to Chengdu, you can visit Charu to enjoy yak milk coffee, meet different people, browse the interesting book titles that line the shelves, or simply admire the beautiful Tibetan inspired décor that adorns the walls of this open and inviting space. Charu’s is worth the visit.

Contact Info:


电话: 13540871122.

Building A Unit 1, Rm 1607, No .21 First Ring Southern Section 4, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan, China. Phone:13540871122

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  2. 你好,我们是一群在欧洲留学归来,从事环保,扶贫以及社会工作的专业人士。我们打算在9月9号 办个聚会沙龙 并探讨西藏的环保,扶贫以及社会工作问题。请问charus咖啡厅愿意合作吗?

    1. 你好, 非常抱歉我们没能及时回复你。 如果你们希望以后想跟charus咖啡厅合作办一些沙龙, 我们这边尽力帮你们协调。

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