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In the city of Xining, you will find a cozy and welcoming guesthouse called City Nomad. While you won’t be staying in the grasslands with sheep, yaks, and horses, you will experience a taste of the nomadic spirit in the midst of the city. In this sweet and comfortable guesthouse, one can experience the nomadic passion and enthusiasm for life.

This guesthouse is run by a young, educated, and knowledgeable Tibetan nomad named Tashi. He opened City Nomad guesthouse in April 2015.

City Nomad bed option

While a little crowed for some foreigners, City Nomad provides a nice place to rest and sleep for groups of travelers.

Tashi started the business, first, because he wanted to support his family financially. Secondly, as a Tibetan, he felt strongly that it was his duty to introduce Tibetan culture and places to people from all over the world. Tashi believed that people would have a better understanding of perspectives from different cultural backgrounds if they had a better platform and opportunity to exchange ideas and share stories.

City Nomad has 3 Tibetan staff who are very helpful, friendly, and who want to ensure you have a pleasant stay. The two-story guesthouse is very comfortable and clean. In fact, it might just be one of the cleanest in the area, and shoes are not allowed to be worn inside. While they don’t provide food, they do offer drinks for guests to purchase.

City Nomad bed option 2

For those looking for a nice bed, City Nomad also offers beds with more of a home feel.

Tashi himself speaks fluent English, and would be very happy to help you if you have questions related to travel in Xining or other Tibetan areas. Tashi has direct contacts with many Tibetan communities across the plateau, and sometime he can also be found leading trips to other communities. These trips bring benefit to both his guests and fellow Tibetans.

Tashi wants City Nomad to become a successful and sustainable business, providing a model that other young Tibetan entrepreneurs can learn from. He hopes that his guesthouse might become a leader in the hospitality industry in Tibetan areas, and that City Nomad may make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of the Tibetan economy.

We highly recommend city nomad guesthouse to travelers stopping in Xining. In the words of one of his clients: “Dear Tashi, Thanks for the best experience I could have asked for in Xining.  You are the kindest, most gracious host I have ever had, I really enjoyed getting to know you and your friend. – Enka”.

Contact Info:

Address: 南山路建新巷陇原叠翠小区 6号楼 3单元 11 楼 3111室

Address: Room 3111, 11th floor Unit3 Building 6 Nanshan road Jiaxin street. Long yuan die cui pinnacle lane commun Xining city Qinghai Province, China.

Phone: 15897141336

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  1. Hi
    Do you have a double room from 2017.05.26 to 2017.05.30.
    We alrady send a SMS.
    We are a couple from Switzerland.
    Greetings Rosa Maria

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