Desti Youth Park Hostel

Kelsang Phuntsok is a young Tibetan entrepreneur who is the owner of Desti Youth Park hostel. He was raised and very much influenced by his great-grandfather Richan Pizu, who in his younger days worked on the tea road as a horseman. Kelsang grew up listening to Richan’s endless and marvelous stories about the tea road, its folk tales, and ancient songs. Stories that had such a strong impact on young Kelsang, that he was aware of the richness of his Tibetan cultural heritage even as a young child. Kelsang has always embraced the Tibetan ideals of benefiting other sentient beings as a core principle of his behavior: he dreamed of becoming a Buddhist monk when he was a young child.

Dormitory room at Desti Youth Park Hostel

Dormitory room at Desti Youth Park Hostel


When Kelsang graduated from school, his parents passed down his family’s old house to him. Most of his relatives and friends suggested that Kelsang should tear down the old house and build a new house, as all the other households in the village have built new houses. He was reluctant to demolish his family’s old house, because his great-grandpa built the house and he had spent his childhood growing up in the old house. Not only was the house the place where he spent his childhood, but it also shows an important part of his family history. When looking at the house, one can see the house shows the aptitude and hard-work that went into building it. Kelsang thinks that young Tibetan generations have to remember the spirit of their ancestors. As a result, Keslang decided to use the house as a hostel where he can receive people from all over the world and show them local Tibetan culture, architecture, and lifestyle.

Beautiful night at Desti Youth Park Hostel

Beautiful night at Desti Youth Park Hostel


In a peaceful Tibetan village in Shangri-La, visitors will find a breathtaking hostel. The Desti Youth Park hostel is situated in Chengni Village, near Shangri-La International Airport. It is enclosed by bright flowers and seemingly endless grassland. Visitors who go to Chengni will find themselves temporarily transported away from the real world, into the colorful fairy tale kingdom that is the village. In this mysterious fantasyland and spectacular landscape, you can choose from amongst an assortment of activities that should appeal to a variety of interests. Watch a movie, barbeque a meal, join a campfire party with local Tibetan dancing, cycle around the village, or take a Thangka painting class.

Room with single bed at Desti Youth Park Hostel

Room with single bed at Desti Youth Park Hostel

When staying at the hostel, you also have the option of choosing a room according to your travel budget. The hostel has family or single rooms with private hot showers and internet, or dormitory rooms with public showers. All the staff speaks English well, and the food is delicious. They also provide a van if you want to visit Shangri-La Old Town or some of the other local places.

We would highly recommend Desti Youth Park Hostel if you are looking for a peaceful and authentic place to stay in Shangri-La.

Contact Info: No.54 Chengni, Shini Village, Jiantang TownShangri-La County 674400, China

Phone: 0887-8065355. 13038608855
电话: 0887-8065355. 13038608855



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    I was looking to find an email address for the Desti Hostel as I assume that they have one . I understand the owner runs a shuttle service which I would be interesting in using as I will be arriving in late evening .

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      Hi, we are so sorry that we couldn’t reply to you soon. I hope you got the chance to use Desti Youth Park Hotel. It’s very nice hotel. Please feel free to contact us if there is anything we can help.

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