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Tibetan Business Highlights is part of the heartbeat of this site. It is a platform to promote small businesses of excellence throughout Tibet who are continually seeking to improve their services. As this feature of Tibetpedia develops, we hope to have a broad range of services represented: guesthouses, homestays, restaurants, guiding services, drivers, horse trekking operators, etc. We aim to not only help raise awareness of these businesses, but also to lend credibility to the businesses profiled here so that foreign travellers will experience the best of Tibetan service and hospitality.

Large portions of tourism resources across Tibet fail to benefit businesses run by the local people. Instead, businesses owned and operated from outside these areas often receive the majority of benefit. This feature of Tibetpedia aims to help ensure locally operated businesses benefit from the tourism resources in their locale. Not every business found here is necessarily locally owned. We also value promoting businesses that hire local employees, purchase from locally run businesses, and generally promote the best possible interest of Tibetans as they do business in this region.

We believe the businesses profiled below will enable travelers to have insider access to the best service and most authentic experience of Tibetan service and hospitality.

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Most Recent Business Highlights

A Re’s Restaurant

A Re is the name of a very well known chain of restaurants in Chengdu, but also that of the business owner. The namesake herself was born in a very alluring and remote Tibetan valley, Danba, in the Kham Tibetan Region. A Re didn’t get the chance to attend school to get an education when she was a child, so …

Dancing Yak Handicrafts

Dancing Yak Handicrafts was founded in Chengdu in 2012. Inside locals and tourists alike stop to browse the beautiful selection of yak and sheep wool materials, carefully crafted into bags, pillows, and more. The owner of the company is a Swiss lady named Katja. She realised that traditionally Tibetan women worked with their hands to weave tents made out of Yak …

Blue Sheep Handicrafts & Giftshop

Tucked away in the streets of Chengdu shoppers can find Blue Sheep Handicrafts & Giftshop. Surrounded by restaurants and other stores, the locals frequent this area as well, telling me that we have come to the right place. Continuing inside the store, I am surprised by how spacious the shop feels, even with so many unique items on display. I …