Sonam International Youth Hostel

Sonam Hostel

Sonam International Youth Hostel was founded by a capable Tibetan lady, Nizhen, in 2008.  As a result of the train to Lhasa opening in 2006, the tourism in the area developed greatly. As Nizhen had a few years of experience in running a hostel in mainland, China, she decided to open a Tibetan style hostel in Lhasa. The hostel was one of the first three in Lhasa. The name “Sonam” means “eternal blessing” in Tibetan. Nizhen came up with the name because she hopes people will be blessed by practicing kindness and compassion whilst they visit.

The hostel has been doing really well, and in 2013 it was chosen, as “the trusted hostel” from among 300 hotels by the local tourism bureau. There are 12 employees at the Sonam, and they are very kind and helpful to their guests.

Sonam Hostel Entrance

Entrance to Sonam Hostel

The hostel is a real home away from home for weary travelers. Entering off the busy main street through a small alley, you pass through a gateway into a traditional courtyard that blocks out the sounds of the city. The courtyard is an oasis of green life with grass, trees and a wooden deck that gives everything a slight cottage feel. There are a couple picnic tables to sit at while enjoying a cold drink, complete with umbrellas to shield from the sun during the middle of the day.

Sonam courtyard

The Sonam Hostel has a wonderful courtyard for guests to enjoy.

The courtyard is surrounded by guest rooms and the café. The café sits on the first floor and offers decent western-friendly food and drinks. The breakfast at Sonum is particularly worthy of a mention. The décor of the café will be appreciated by those who like the slightly traditional and rustic feel that wood brings.

Sonam offers both dorm style rooms with shared bathing facilities, and private rooms with ensuite baths. All rooms are exceptionally clean and the staff reflects the warmth of Tibetan hospitality. There are washing machines available as well for travelers who have reached that point in their travels!

Sonam Hostel Single Bed

A single bed at Sonam

Sonam hostel is located away from the madness of Lhasa’s tourist core, but close enough to walk to the Potala Palace within 15 minutes. Also, within a few minute walk of the hostel you can reach the quiet banks of the Kyichu River for a walk through the manicured gardens along its banks. It is approximately a five to seven minute taxi ride to the Barkhor area.

If you have a chance to visit Lhasa, you will find your Tibetan home if you stay at Sonam Hostel.


Contact info:


电话: +86 (0) 891-6927969

Address: 11 South De Ji Road, Lhasa, Tibet

Phone: +86 (0) 891-6927969

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