T.Lhamo Studio

T.Lhamo Studio

Tashi Lhamo was the founder of T.Lhamo studio. She is a passionate and hardworking fashion designer who has a cool and cozy shop in Chengdu where she keeps herself busy designing and selling clothes to her customers.

Tashi Lhamo was born into a nomadic family, in Hong Yuan County of the Ngawa Prefecture of the Sichuan province in 1989. At a very young age she found her interest in sketching, and she was often the only girl in her school who would take multiple awards in different sketching competitions.

The founder of T. Lhamo Studio

Tashi Lhamo: The founder of T. Lhamo Studio

In 2009, she completed high school and enrolled in Pearl Academy of Fashion – one of the best design institutes in India. Although she was the only Tibetan in her class, she was always considered a bright and hardworking student, and on several occasions her professors even assigned her to work with senior students. During her 4th (and final) year, her portfolio was widely recognized as one of the best collections among her peers.

In 2013, she had an opportunity to intern for two months in which she designed a collection for SAA in Chennai, India, and where she also got to work backstage at Cochin Fashion Week. In 2014, she also worked under a Chennai based designer, Karishma, for a short time.

Inside T. Lhamo Studio

Inside T. Lhamo Studio

After studying, and getting further experience and skills, she decided to open her own fashion studio and brand in Chengdu where her dream of being a fashion designer and bringing Tibetan fashion to the world all began. Chengdu is the main gateway city to Tibet, so more and more young Tibetans are coming to Chengdu to study or run a business. Chengdu is also the biggest and most important city in Southwest China. Tashi opened T.Lhamo Studio on April 9th, 2016 with her confidence and passion brimming. In the same year, she successfully organized her first fashion show in Charu’s Co-Working Space in Chengdu.

T. Lhamo Studio's product on Fall collection in 2016

T. Lhamo Studio’s product on Fall collection in 2016

Tashi’s products are unique and stunning, and with each piece you know there is a beautiful story behind the hands that made it. We hope Tashi Lhamo will achieve her dreams of bringing Tibetan fashion to the world stage. When you visit Chengdu, we gladly invite you to visit T.Lhamo Studio if you are interested in knowing about Tashi while also getting yourself a fashionable Tibetan dress.

T. Lhamo Studio opened a new shop in Lhasa in 2019 and you can get her Tibetan products there.

Lhasa T. Lhamo Studio  shop Address: 

Cross the Yak hotel , No. 20 Beijing East Road, Chengguan District, Lhasa City.


Contact Info for Chengdu T. Lhamo Studio:

Building A Unit 1, Rm 103 No .19 First Ring Southern Section 4, Wuhou District, Chengdu, Sichuan,China.

成都市武侯区一环路四段19号高升桥北街成都A 区5栋1单元103


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  1. Tashi Lhamo, you are doing an excellent job brining Tibetan fashion into a wider market. Wishing you much success!

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