Tashi’s Homestay

Tashi’s Homestay is in the Pengbuxi village, of the Minya area in the Kham region. From the deck off of your room, you can relax with the beverage of your choice and enjoy the view of surrounding mountains and valleys. Peaceful is the word that pops to mind. Wandering the streets of this village you know you have gotten off of the beaten track, and are witnessing the normal, daily life of the locals.

Tashi himself is a local farmer and a very outgoing man. He is the father of two kids, and proud grandfather of two granddaughters. His entire family is involved in farming.

In Pengbuxi, farming is a way of life. The local people in Tashi’s area predominantly grow barley, as this is one of the main foods in Tibet. Tashi’s family’s income comes in part from picking caterpillar fungus. While he used to rely heavily on selling the fungus, there are only 3 months of the year when the fungus can be harvested, so it doesn’t make for a very steady income throughout the year. As a result, the family often turned to other things to make money during the remainder of the year.

One such venture that Tashi undertook was to buying a vehicle. He bought a car because his village is in the valley that goes to Minya Konka Mountain, attracting a lot of tourists. As a result, Tashi’s main clientele were tourists.  After driving tourists around for a while, he found that there was also a demand for tourist to experience local Tibetan culture through a homestay, so Tashi began receiving and welcoming tourists to his home.

Tashi Wangchuk

Some of the accommodations provided by Tashi and his family

Tashi has been running the homestay for a few years now, and he has been receiving positive and encouraging feedback from his guests. Previously, the homestay was very basic, but he has since built a new house and bathroom two years ago. Now clients have access to hot showers and a western toilet.

Mountains surround the Pengbuxi village, so while you visit, you can go hiking and enjoy the beautiful landscape that the Minya area has to offer. If you want to try your hand, you can offer to help Tashi and his family in their daily farming activities. While you stay, sample some of the local flavors that Tibetan food has to offer.

Tashi Wangchuk 2

Come and hang out with Tashi’s family and learn more about the Tibetan culture

So far, Tashi’s homestay is the only homestay in the whole valley, but villagers are being influenced by him, with some even hoping that they too can open their own homestay and start small business. Tashi hopes that more and more people can continue to visit his hometown and stay with his family.

If you are looking for an authentic Tibetan homestay experience and find yourself in the Minya area, consider Tashi’s Homestay as a place to rest your wandering feet.

Contact Info:

地址:康定县朋布西乡 朵让村


Address: Duorang Village, Pengbu Township, Kangding County, Ganzi Prefecture.

Phone: 159-8374-3209

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