Tewaga Tibetan Restaurants

There are two Tewaga Tibetan Restaurants for travellers to enjoy. One in Tiewu (Amdo Region), and the other in Chengdu, operated by the same management.

One of the owners, Asang, is from North East Tibet. He was born a small village in a stunning valley called “Zhagana”. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the Amdo Tibetan Region.

Asang went to university in Chengdu where he majored in Tibetan studies. Asang is a very knowledgeable, yet humble man who speaks Tibetan, Chinese, and English. His wife is a well-known Tibetan singer, Karma Jangdrol Drolma. They are both very passionate about education and social entrepreneurship.

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Opening of the new restaurant back in 2012. One can see the beautiful singer: Karma Jangdrol Drolma.

Together they opened their first Tibetan restaurant in 2006 in Tiewu county town, which is Asang’s hometown. They realized that a small business could make profit, but more importantly, business can help other people.

The first restaurant encouraged them to take next step, so they opened their second restaurant in Chengdu in 2012. They wanted to continue providing people with healthy and organic, local Tibetan food in the big city of Chengdu.

Tewage cuisine

Healthy, organic Tibetan food offered to all in the big city of Chengdu

Now they have 12 employees in total. A previous employee even opened their own restaurant after working and learning skills for a few years at one of Asang’s restaurants.

Together, Asang and his wife want to continue offering more organic food to their clients, and to provide more job opportunities to Tibetans.

If you visit either restaurant, some of Tewaga’s popular dishes include their Tibetan hotpot, and yak ribs.

Contact Info:

总店地址:甘肃省甘南州迭部县扎尕那藏餐宫。                                                                                                                           联系电话:0941-5623333
Headquarters : Zhagana Tibetan Restaurant, Die Bu County Town, Gannan Prefecture, Ganshu Province.          Phone: 0941-5623333

电话:028-85516122      18010599929
Branch:  #9  WuHouCi HengJie, Chengdu.
Phone: 028-85516122      18010599929


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