Tianzhu Hotel

In the town of Tagong you can find the Tianzhu Hotel, which was started by a man named Tsering. Growing up in a nomadic village, Tsering never attended school, because people paid less attention to education when he was younger. However, Tsering tells me that a few of the kids from his village did indeed get to go to school.

Later on, Tsering studied Chinese and Tibetan by himself as he started a small business in his hometown – Tagong. Here, he opened a shop to sell local handmade crafts and souvenirs. Being the entrepreneur that he is, Tsering continued to look for more business opportunities as he ran his store.

Tianzhu Hotel Enterance

Enterance to the Tianzhu Hotel to escape the cold Tibetan day.

One such opportunity came when he discovered that there was only one hotel in the whole town that had rooms with a shower and bathroom. Tsering thought it would be great for tourists to stay at a nice hotel with comfortable rooms – and a nice shower – in town. As a result, he opened Tianzhu hotel in 2010 with his business partner.

Tianzhu Hotel room

1 of the 24 rooms offered by the hotel.

Now a few years down the track, the Tianzhu Hotel employs seven staff who are all Tibetan (except for the cook).

At the Tianzhu Hotel there are 24 rooms, all of which have nice bathrooms and showers.  On the first floor of the hotel is a restaurant with very good Sichuan food, and a shop in which guests and visitors can buy souvenirs.

Tsering has been offering job opportunities to the local people and is a great example of Tibetan entrepreneurship. Now there are a few hotels in the town and Tsering is very happy about it. Tsering said that he is regretful that he didn’t go to school as a child, therefore, he encourages local parents to send their kids to school – it’s hard to do things without education and skills. As a result, Tsering is very happy to share his experience with young Tibetans who have an idea to start a business for themselves. He also wants to help poor students with their tuition in the future.

Contact Info:

地址: 康定县塔公镇广场旁边。


Address: Nearby the Tagong Town Square, Kangding County.

Phone: 13111815585

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  1. Dear sir,
    We would like to check available room for our group of 3 persons on Oct 16. 2018. Please kindly advise for the price and process for booking. Thanks.

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late response. Yes, rooms are available and we are happy to help you to book.

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