Tibetan Family Kitchen

Tibetan Family Kitchen Dining Area

Tibetan Family Kitchen was founded by a young and enthusiastic Tibetan couple in 2013.  Namdon and Lumbum used to be guides in Lhasa but unfortunately in 2012 there were no tour groups in Lhasa, and so they became jobless. With the help and encouragement of Namdom’s sister, they decided to open a home-style restaurant, as both of them are great at making local Tibetan food and have experience in working with foreign guests.

If you’re looking for Tibetan home-style cooking in the middle of Lhasa this is the place for you. There is no pretense in this little establishment, only tasty food and friendly hosts. The basic menu offers the best of Tibetan food prepared with only the freshest meat and vegetables. They also offer cooking classes if you are interested in the local food culture and learning how to make some of the food yourself.

Tibetan Family Kitchen Cooking Classes.

Tibetan cooking classes offered at Tibetan Family Kitchen.

The unique entrance to the Tibetan Kitchen takes you straight through the kitchen itself, before passing through to the dining area. As most kitchens are hidden in the back of restaurants, its almost as if Namdon is intentionally showing off one the cleanest kitchens in the whole city of Lhasa, and offering travelers peace of mind before they even order their food.  The dining area is small and intimate with only one large table in the center, giving it a true family style atmosphere.

Tibetan Family Kitchen 2

Guests enjoying themselves at the Tibetan Family Kitchen

Namdon and her husband Lumbum have years of guiding experience between the two of them, having taken foreign guests to Everest and beyond for many years. They have excellent English and are a great source of travel information both in Lhasa and all areas throughout Tibet.  They are eager to please and only hope in return that foreign guests will have an enjoyable and memorable experience of Tibet.

Tibetan Family Kitchen Entrance

The entrance to Tibetan Family Kitchen

Finding the entrance to the Tibetan Family Kitchen requires some careful searching. It is located on the second floor of a small courtyard accessed from the main road leading to the Barkhor area. The entranceway to the courtyard is a small passageway between local shops, and is found across the street from the sign to the Summit Café.

We highly recommend you to visit the Lhasa family kitchen if you are interested in trying local food and maybe taking away a few Tibetan recipes to impress your family and friends.


Contact Info:

Address: 西藏拉萨市丹杰林路 6-2-5

Phone: 13889015053

Address: Dan Jie Lin Road 6-2-5

Phone:  13889015053

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