Tsering’s Homestay

Situated on the top of a mountain in the Amdo Tibetan Region, travelers can find Tsering’s Homestay. Overlooking a quiet valley, the farming community is a peaceful place to visit. With only 34 families in the village, one is never far from a pure view of the mountainside.

Tsering's Homestay 1

High on a mountain, you will find a small village in a valley

Tsering received both her bachelor and master’s degrees at a university in Chengdu. She is the only one who has gotten a master’s degree in her village. She values education and has seen the many benefits that she has received as a result of her studies. With this in mind, Tsering has organized workshops in her village to share the importance of education, and to encourage parents to send their kids to school. Tsering has also been assisting a few students in her village with their tuition by helping them to find sponsorship. Tsering loves her village, and by using her education, she wants to help her village flourish.

Tsering is very passionate about introducing Tibetan culture to people. When she was a student at university, she took some of her foreign friends and students to her village. Over the years, her friends and students (to whom she teaches English) have enjoyed staying with her family, exploring the village, hiking, and learning local culture. As a result, her and her family have experience in hosting tourists in their home. So far, her family is the only house in her village that receives tourists. Her hometown is a popular tourist destination, but not her village just yet. Although her house is not fancy, you will have a pleasant stay if you get the chance to visit.

Tsering's Homestay 2 - small

Such breathtaking images shows an amazing landscape, who wouldn’t want to come here?

Tsering hopes that she can bring a positive impact to her community through her small business by educating the local people, encouraging young people to start their own small businesses, and by helping more students with their educational dreams.

By staying with Tsering’s family and having her as your tour guide, you will have the opportunity to experience authentic local Tibetan culture. Guests who have stayed with her family before have had a great time getting to know her family and some of the other villagers. Tsering’s parents think that it is their honor to have guests from all over the world, and they are happy to share their life and home with all of their guests.


Contact Info:


电话: 13882198591。

Address: Maigang Village, Conger Township, Ruoergai County, Aba Prefercture and Sichuan Province.

Phone: 13882198591

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