Zhongde Tan Cafe

Zhongde is located in town of Ruoergai, Aba prefecture, of the Sichuan province. For the past year, two Tibetan university graduates have been running their unique coffee bookshop here – Zhongde.
Yangtan and Pabazu are are full of passion, pride, and love for their culture. These brave grads decided to stand on their own feet instead of working for others. both went to a university, yet they dreamed of being entrepreneurs. They dreamed of introducing and preserving their culture and Tibetan heritage. Now, they are making their dreams a reality.

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Lecture taking place in the cafe. Come enjoy learning and educating yourself with the locals and fellow travellers.

There are 4 employees in the coffee bookshop so far. The company is very unique in Ruoergai because it is the first coffee shop that provides books, Tibetan food, coffee, and opportunities to study and receive training, all in one spot.
If you visit Zhongde, you can enjoy coffee, local milk tea, and books – a book lovers favorite thing! You also can join workshops and training to exchange ideas and share you own stories with others. Discussions in this bookstore range from cultural preservation to environmental protection. The hope for Zhongde is that people can learn different skills and ideas through their platform. They want more and more local people to join them, and to learn and share with one another. Isn’t that the fastest way for knowledge to spread?

Zhongde Tan Caffe

With such a relaxing setting, you will forget the outside world.

They invite friends from all over the world to enjoy food and coffee with them. They will be happy to serve you, and encourage guests to come, to share, and to continue learning with them. They hope that they can be model entrepreneurs for local people and encourage young Tibetans to start their own small businesses too!

Contact Info:


电话: 18894562777

Address: Wenming Market, Ruoergai County Town.

Phone: 18894562777

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