Huahu Daqian Shijie

Entrance to Huahu Daqian Shijie

Ruoergai grassland is the second largest grassland in the Tibetan regions and it is also one of the most beautiful marshland in China. This grassland is home to yaks, sheep, and horses, while the marsh is officially recognized as the homeland of the black necked crane. Ruoergai is one of the best places to learn about and experience Tibetan nomadic life. The boundless grassland, blue sky, and gorgeous black and white tents will make you want to look over and over again. You may even want to try to ride a yak or a horse when you see the local shepherds riding their horses on the beautiful grassland. Or maybe you will want to help local nomads milk and make their butter and cheese? Whatever the grasslands stir inside of you, we really don’t want you to miss a visit to this very fascinating place if you have any chance to travel here. While you travel the Ruoergai Grasslands, we would recommend a visit to “Huahu Daqain Shijie”. Huahu Daqian Shijie will bring you authentic local Tibetan nomadic life.

Huahu Daqian Shijie is located next to the famous tourist place HuaHu (“Flower Lake”). Only a five-minute walk across the street, it was founded by Langmu Monastery in April of 2015. Many people visit this area because of its proximity to Flower Lake, so in order to educate visitors on local nomadic culture, and to provide jobs to the young people who didn’t get a lot of education, Langmu monastery built the complex system that makes up Huahu Daqain Shijie.

While owned by Langmu Monastery, the day to day management of the site is run by locals. Dolma Tsetan is one of the main managers at the hotel, and he is a kind and caring man whose education is mostly self-taught. In the past few years in particular he has spent a lot of time joining managerial and skills training seminars to enrich his knowledge of business.

Dolma Tsetan has proved himself to be a very capable man, and he works with more than 40 employees. The majority of his employees are local nomads and farmers who have not received a lot of education, but he has trained them to work as servers and other staff to welcome their guests warmly.

Inside of Huaha Daqian Shijie

Huahu Daqian Shijie is a fascinating place to experience nomadic life.

The lodging here is very different from what you have probably had before. All of their lodgings are white ger/yurt (tents) holding a total of about 300 beds. You can choose your tent based on your budget and the number of features you would like it to include. There are VIP types of ger which are quite luxurious (particularly considering you’re in a tent), gers with double beds and private shower rooms, or ger with double rooms but which share a public bathroom. The beds are comfortable and clean, and built to stand up to the weather on the Tibetan plateau.

In the center of the site you will find a small lake and island. Guests are welcome to take a stroll around the lake, enjoy the sunshine under the shade of the circular gazebo roof, or enjoy a spot of yak milk tea by the lake. Every evening, people gather together to dance in the traditional Tibetan style. Another place to check out while here is to take a quick peak into the tent which is set up like an education center about the artifacts of Tibetan nomad life.

With food, you have option of having Chinese food along the street, or Tibetan food at the restaurant hotel. We would recommend you to have Tibetan food (would your Tibetan experience be complete without it?). The hotel restaurant is probably one of the most unique restaurants you have even eaten in before. When coming off of the road, the restaurant is on the left side of the front gate and is pretty recognizable as it is situated in a big black yak wool tent.

Heading inside the tent (once your eyes have adjusted a little), you will find a Tibetan style fireplace which will be using the authentic firewood – yak dung. Choose one of the low tables and sit cross legged on the beautiful sheep skin mats. While it might be hard for you to sit on the ground in this manner for the entire meal, enjoy the experience of how the nomads truly share life. Yak meat and yak meat sausage, fresh yogurt, lamb, momos (dumplings), and milk tea are the most popular food on the menu here.

Inside of the black tent restaurant

Huahu Daqian Shijie black tent restaurant is a nice place to enjoy local nomadic food.

The staff at Huahu Daqian Shijie warmly welcomes people from all over the world to experience the authentic Tibetan nomad’s lifestyle. If you choose to stay here or even just drop by for a meal, we think you will have a rewarding and pleasant stay.


Contact Info:

Address: Across from Flower Lake just outside of Ruoergai (5 minutes walk)

Phone: 13568788822

地址: 花湖斜对面(走路5分钟)


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