Nima’s Homestay

Entrance to Nima's Homestay

Muni valley is located in Huanglong National Park, 36km west of Songpan County Town, and ranges in altitude between 2800m at the entrance to 4070m on the mountain peak. You will find a very nice local Tibetan homestay called “Nima’s homestay ” in the beautiful Muni valley. Nima’s homestay is one of the most comfortable local homestay in Muni valley.

Muni valley has a stunning landscape, charming local Tibetan villages, and Buddhist monasteries. The most spectacular scenery is found at Zhaga Waterfall and Erdao Lake in Muni valley. When compared with Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong, there won’t be as many tourists, so you can walk around and enjoy the beauty of nature in relative peace. Most importantly, while exploring this quiet valley, travelers can stay with a local Tibetan family at Nima’s Homestay. Staying at this cozy and comfortable Tibetan house in such beautiful valley, is guaranteed to be a very special part of your travels.

Nima is the local Tibetan farmer who runs the homestay. Nima means, “sun” in Tibetan, and is a very common name amongst his people. The homestay is convenient to find beside the road and it is very easy to get to. Nima has been running his homestay business for a few years, and he is very interested in receiving visitors. He opened Nima’s homestay because the scenic spots in the area became more developed, thus meaning the extra visitors needed a place to stay.

Inside of Nima's Homestay

Nima’s homestay is very clean and comfortable.

While Nima and his wife don’t speak English, they have experience receiving Western clients, and they have done this long enough that they usually know what you want. They will use their body language to greet you and ask if you would like anything to eat or drink. Nima’s wife (Liuhai Yin) is also a very friendly and hardworking lady, and they both try their best to make you happy and comfortable. Your presence will attract friendly and warm smiles, so make sure you smile in return!

There are 12 beds on their second floor which are soft and comfortable. The bathroom is located just outside the house, and is shared among all guests in a simple dormitory style. On the first floor, there is a very nice living room with wood decorations, and a small kitchen where Nima and his wife will prepare the meals. Nima’s wife is the cook and you are welcome to help her as she makes her best traditional Tibetan dishes. If you want to try your hand at Tibetan cooking, Liuhai Yin is happy to be your cooking instructor. If you visit in the summer or fall, you may even be able to help Liuhai Yin pick vegetables from her own farm and vegetable garden to round out the meal with fresh, home grown food.

Mountain across from Nima's village

A great hiking place near the Nima’s village.

There are several great hiking places near the village, including the mountain that rises directly across from the village. On the mountain you will see payer flags, and will be rewarded as you climb with the whole view of the village. If you get up early, travelers may choose to join the kora (walk around the temple) with the local people, or a few minutes of mediation in the temple.

Muni valley is a good place to see some of nature’s beauty and to experience authentic Tibetan culture. If you are traveling to Muni Valley, we recommend you visit Nima’s family at their homestay in order to experience a piece of the real Tibet.

Contact Info:

Address: Shang Zhai Cun (village), Muni Township, Songpan County.

Phone: 13678372526

地址: 松潘县牟尼乡上寨村

电话: 13678372526



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