Jiachu’s Homestay

In the shadow of the famous Konka Mountain, lies the Yulongxi Village. It is in this majestic setting that one can find Jiachu’s Homestay. The owner, Jiachu, has spent his entire life in the Kham Tibetan Region, making him a local expert.

It all started one day when Jiachu was asked to drive to his hometown by a few Chinese tourists, so he invited them to stay with his family and provided them with a sample of the local food. This small opportunity stirred up Jiachu’s idea of opening a homestay for tourists. As Jiachu shared this idea with these tourists, they expressed their support for it, and later, in 2004 they began recommending their friends to his homestay. Jiachu has been running the homestay with his family for more than 10 years now. He was the first person to open a homestay in the whole valley.

From one person to small amounts of travelers, Jiachu offers the accommodations of a Tibetan family.

In the beginning Jiachu had just a few beds on his floor for tourists, but now there are 5 different rooms for guests to choose from. Jiachu has also since built a public shower room and nice toilet for his guests. Now, Jiachu is planning to expand his homestay by building guest rooms with their own private bathrooms.

Relax room

Get the feel for a Tibetan house, full of colorful walls and carpet.

Jiachu is very passionate about showing his hometown to friends from all over the world. He welcomes people to stay with his family at his cozy and comfortable home, and he is happy to share local food with people, especially his favorite dishes. It is always nice being with local Tibetans to experience their authentic culture. He also provides trekking trips, and he supports his neighbors and friends by hiring them and their horses for the journeys.

As more tourists visit his hometown, environmental protection has begun to get his attention. Jiachu has started working with a few organizations to educate local people about protecting the beautiful landscape that they call home. Jiachu has gained a lot of experience and benefits by running his homestay business, so he shared his experience with other people in the valley. Since starting his homestay, there are now 6 homestays in the valley as others have followed his lead.

Whether you wish to trek Konka Mountain, or simply want to wake up to a stunning view, Jiachu’s Homestay could be the quiet resting place you are looking for.

Contact Info:

地址: 四川省甘孜州康定县贡嘎山乡玉龙西村。


Address: Yulongxi Village, Gongga Township, Kangding County, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Provine.

Phone: 13778391377

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