Tenpa’s Homestay

In the quiet little Tibetan village of Duorang, travellers can find Tenpa’s Homestay. The namesake – Tenpa – is from the Kham Minya area. Tenpa studied English for few years, so he speaks fluent English, Chinese, and Tibetan. He has been working as a guide and driver in the Kham Tibetan region for more than 7 years, and his experience shows. Unlike others in the area, Tenpa and his wife do not have farmland, so their income comes not from farming, but curious travellers. Tenpa is a very outgoing, humorous, and positive person, meaning those who travel with him have a lot of fun.

Tenpa’s village is on the way to the mountain of Minya Konka. A new road was built through his hometown two years ago, allowing more and more tourist to come to Tenpa’s hometown to visit the mountain.

Tenpa's Homestay living quarters

Come, stay and relax in the common area.

Tenpa wants tourists to experience the culture and customs of Tibet. In 2015, Tenpa opened a homestay with his wife – Tenzin Zhuoga. Together, Tenpa and his wife run the homestay for their guests. There are about 20 beds in the homestay, all of which are very clean and comfortable.  There is also a big living room in the home. With a fireplace in the middle of the room, travellers can come and sit by a fire with Tenpa’s family and cozily sip some yak butter tea, a must have while anywhere in Tibet.

Tenpa's 4

Learn more about the Tibetan culture by chatting with the family.

If you are planning a trip to Minya Konka, or find yourself wandering through the Kham Minya area, consider paying a visit to Tenpa and his family at their homestay.

Contact Info:

地址:康定县朋布西乡 朵让村


Address: Duorang Village, Pengbu Township, Kangding County, Ganzi Prefecture.

Phone: 1598373 9877


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